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Party Fun Love & Radio - Get your pics in the video!


Who has heard our new song "Party Fun Love & Radio" on Warped Tour? We're releasing it  Tuesday July 3rd on iTunes as part of our Party Fun Love & Radio EP!! We're in the process of making a cool new video for and and we want YOUR pictures to be included! Send us your original photos via Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #partyfunloveradio - we're going to pick our favorites and some of you will get your pretty faces in the video!

We're looking for anything and everything that is PARTY, FUN, LOVE and RADIO! If you've got pictures from last weekend's PARTY (which was so much FUN), photos of LOVE, or a shot of your friend dancing to her favorite song on the RADIO (hint hint), send them our way! Don't forget to send your pictures hanging out with us or us playing on Warped or any other tour!!!

The song is on sale exclusively on iTunes Tuesday, and the video will be out the same day! Get to uploading, instagramming & tagging!!!! Can't wait to see the submissions!



*pssst... any photos submitted become the property of s-curve records. original photos only! 

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